Talasey Group relocates to larger site in Scunthorpe

Talasey Group has moved to a new 4-acre site at St Vincent House on Normanby Road in Scunthorpe.

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As well as having plenty of workspace for its team, St Vincent House also has conference facilities – including a room that can comfortably seat more than 70 people, entertaining spaces and even nine en-suite rooms for visitors staying overnight. In addition, the site comprises of around 1.5 acres of mature landscaped gardens that showcase the company’s portfolio of products.

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Mark Wall, Talasey Group CEO, said: “We have very fond memories of the site in Doncaster because that’s where our business – which started as Natural Paving Products (UK) Ltd and evolved into Talasey Group – became established as a leading UK supplier of quality, ethically sourced natural stone landscaping products.”

“The business has grown significantly, and we needed a site that could not only accommodate the next stage of our development but also be somewhere where we could realise wider ambitions – both for our business and for making a positive contribution to our industry.

“As part of our move to the new site, we had a vision that St Vincent House would be an amazing space that all of our customers can use for business meetings, training and development – or even to send their customers to us to look around the display areas. I’m very proud that everyone at the Talasey Group feels that we have achieved that.”

Wall added: “We are in an inspiring rural location with lots of space, which will bring so many benefits for our team, suppliers and customers.”

“Everyone comments on the tranquillity – and how this has a positive influence on the general well-being of people on site.

“More practically, we have so much more space to have expansive display areas to fully showcase our products to their full and stunning effect.

“And, most crucially, we feel that we now have the potential to become a leading industry destination and experience centre that customers and suppliers are happy to travel to – as we continue to drive forward as one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of landscaping solutions.”

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