NMBS Buyers Guide makes its digital debut

A digital tool delivering independent merchants up-to-the-minute supplier details, product information and terms, plus support in sourcing new suppliers and products has now launched digitally for the first time in its history. The Buyers Guide is live on OnePlace which will make sourcing suppliers, brands, and products easier than ever.

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Builders’ merchants buying society NMBS has made its Buyers Guide digital, in a bid to improve product information accuracy and access to suppliers for its members. After 36 years as a printed publication, the move will also save four million sheets of paper annually.

The digital tool provides the same level of information – and more – that customers have been able to get from the traditional printed version of the guide or by physically asking the NMBS team for information.

NMBS head of sales & marketing, Dean Hayward, said: “The introduction of the digital Buyers Guide is part of our digital-first strategy and journey towards becoming a net zero carbon business. It comes as part of a drive to move all printed materials online as we make a bid to reduce our impact on the environment that printing and posting has previously had. This small change to our Buyer’s Guide saves four million pages of printing each year, which is equivalent to 464 trees.

“The change is good news for our merchants and suppliers. Independent merchants have regularly updated supplier and product information at their fingertips, as well as new deals. For suppliers it presents an opportunity to provide as-it-happens updates to product lines and pricing, change company information and add deals at the click of a button. It also supports those on their own net zero journey by helping to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste they have to dispose of.”

Digitisation of the Buyers Guide reduces the risk of members having out of date information from a printed version. The live update of information means suppliers’ products are instantly visible to more than 1,150 merchants. All merchants have access to export relevant product information to ensure each product they buy meets their exact requirements.

It also saves suppliers time providing the same data to multiple merchants upon request, while improving the value and quality of the conversations they have with merchants.

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