Lathams helps put safety first

Lathams has range of health and hygiene-focused products ready to help make schools, offices, retail, and hospitality spaces safer and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

AcryBright Reception lr

KYDEX, from Lathams, contains Microban, which provides antimicrobial protection. This halts the growth of bacteria and a broader range of viruses, organisms, protozoa, and fungi such as mould or mildew. This makes it significantly better for high-use surfaces when compared with an anti-bacterial product, which only prevents bacteria from growing on the surface.

As an advanced thermoplastic, KYDEX can be moulded into any shape and matched with any colour – perfect for branded environments. It can often be found in a wide range of objects including furniture, counters (such as bar tops and reception desks), and doors, as well as in food preparation areas and washrooms.

Kydex reception lr

As a homogeneous product, any damage to the top layer does not negatively affect its anti-microbial properties or visual impact, which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas. Its ability to withstand tough cleaning products, without any staining, fading or surface damage, also make it perfect for a post-Covid world.

The company’s AcryBright is a cell cast acrylic that provides optimum optical clarity and rigidity, making it ideal for protective screens and sneeze guards. Clear screens are going to be in place for some time to come and they will need to survive rigorous cleaning regimes which can damage and scratch the surface. Damage not only reduces the hygienic properties of the product but also affects its visual appeal, which can have a negative impact on the customer experience.  AcryBright has built in chemical resistance and good surface hardness which provides greater durability in service, withstanding cleaning regimes and still maintaining its optical clarity. And should there be an accidental scratch, it can be refurbished with a polish back to a gloss finish.

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