ForgeFix has increased its staff training

ForgeFix has increased its merchant training with enhanced training days that are giving counter staff a better understanding of the key features and capabilities of its “best” product range.

The hands-on training sessions aim to provide counter staff with the confidence to advise the end user on the screws that would best meet their needs, as well as highlight the cost and time savings that can be made by purchasing premium ForgeFix products over their basic ones.

Training days

Tony Armitt, commercial and technical director, said: “As a ForgeFix veteran, having worked at the business for over 24 years, I understand the importance of these training days as a part of our commitment to supporting our valued merchant stockists.”

The training programme is delivered by ForgeFix’s commercial and technical director who draws on his vast experience gained over almost two decades in wholesaling to help enhance clients’ knowledge of the company’s products and subsequently their capacity for sales.

“Having greater product understanding will give the client the ability to confidently provide their customers with sound advice when it comes to choosing the best product for different jobs and tasks.

ForgeFix claim that the success of its “Spectre” brand is down to the success of the training days, the brand is among one of the retailer’s fastest growing brands.

“This is something we have seen with our own telesales staff, and it really makes me smile when I hear them quoting lines from the training days we have delivered as it shows that the sessions are making an impact.”

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