Fit for the future? – I’d say so

If the mark of a good conference is that it leaves you thinking about it for days afterwards, with ideas that you are mulling over for your business, then I'd say that made this year's BMF All-Industry Conference a good conference.

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The drugs do work – just too well

Imagine if you will, the following conversation in, say, a hospital: "Doctor, doctor. The patient is recovering too quickly. We must do something about it. We should change his medication or give him fewer pills. We don't want to nearly kill him (again) we just don't want him to get too healthy, too quickly. What…

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Building the homes we need? Umm,

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry Mr Cameron but I really think we have heard it all before. So you've decided that the way forward, the way to win the next election, is to promise 200,000 new homes which will be sold at a discount for first time buyers.

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