BMI UK and Ireland launch Sealoflex liquid applied roofing range

BMI UK & Ireland – the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions in the UK and Europe – has revised and enhanced its portfolio of market-leading flat roofing technologies with the introduction of BMI Sealoflex. BMI Sealoflex is a liquid applied waterproofing range that offers building owners, designers, and contractors a great choice of high-performance system solutions for a host of requirements and applications.

To provide an ultimate specification and installation peace of mind, the three systems in the range – Sealoflex Ultima, Sealoflex Prima and Sealoflex Endura – are all backed by the company’s market-leading guarantees and six-step specification service to meet customer design and technical needs. BM2001LA BMI UK Ireland Sealoflex 2

Headlining the new collection is Sealoflex Ultima, a lightweight, seamless and extremely versatile, single-component system. Being low odour and solvent and VOC-free, Ultima is 100% hazardless and a superb choice in refurbishment applications where there may be environmental sensitivities – such as concerns over emission impacts on installation teams or building occupants who need to remain in situ.

Its single component chemistry, ‘wet-on-wet’ application and fast cure time of, depending on environmental conditions, 45 minutes to ‘rainproof’ and two hours to overcoating; means installers can get on and off the roof quickly, again important when tenants cannot be decanted and also improving productivity and profitability.

Suitable for use on a variety of substrates – from concrete, bitumen and asphalt to plywood/ OSB, synthetic membranes and even metal roofs – Sealoflex Ultima can be deployed in new builds as well as providing a complete overlay solution on existing roofs. Its flexibility lends itself to complex geometries, penetrations and detailing, while it can be happily installed adjacent to other flat roofing technologies

Another significant benefit is that it can be readily over-coated: handy for repairs, renewal and when coating thicknesses were insufficient during initial application.

The waterproof coating comes in four and 15 litre resealable cans, to reduce waste, and a colour choice of grey and white. Two reinforcing fabrics are offered, depending on traffic requirements, and the system is supported by a complete range of primers for all possible substrates and a choice of either a liquid UV-resistant ‘wear coat’  or anti-skid quartz granules for walkways as finishes.

For high-traffic areas where membranes need to be exceptionally hard-wearing, such as balconies, walkways, roof terraces and podium decks, the Sealoflex Endura system combines superior membrane durability with fast application and rapid curing times. Where extra resistance to wear and traffic is required,  polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) filling fibres can be added to the coating to make it super tough. With a fast curing time of around 30 minutes, it is also ideal for projects where speed of installation is important.

The two-part catalysed coating also offers low-temperature curing which means it is ideal for year-round application, and installation in the less climatically hospitable areas of the UK. This is supported by the provision of a winter grade coating for use in exposed and aggressive environments, such as coastal, elevated or northerly situations.

The waterproof coating – whether summer or winter grade – is RAL ‘Blue Grey’; and can be augmented with finishes in dark ‘Traffic Grey’, a greener ‘Stone Grey’; or large quartz (up to 1.2mm) where high skid-resistance is required. Endura is appropriate for asphalt, bitumen, concrete and metal substrates.

Completing the BMI Sealoflex collection is Prima: a 2K (two-part primer, two-part waterproofing coating) system applied as a complete roof overlay solution or as part of a new warm roof build up. As with Sealoflex Ultima, Prima is also solvent and VOC-free, making it especially suitable where there may be environmental concerns around the impact of odour and vapour on contractors, building occupants or the public at large.

Primers are provided for concrete, timber, metal, PVC, TPO and bitumen and asphalt substrates. Three grades of reinforcing fleece are available; and finishes comprise clear liquid encapsulation, walkway compound or bulking sand and quartz.

BMI UK & Ireland’s dedicated field service has a network of technical advisers available to provide liquid applied waterproofing specifications that qualify for insurance-backed guarantees of up to 25 years depending on the system.


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