Welcome to “The General Deception!”

The main political parties’ manifestos are no doubt be the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

>Somehow I suspect not, as our politicians fall over themselves to deprive us all of the real facts about the damage that has been done to the economy. They seem reluctant or perhaps unable to tell us about the pain we are all about to suffer as we begin to address the massive level of debt we have accumulated. Instead they all seem intent on playing their part in what will surely turn out to the “2010 General Deception!”

No matter how many hospitals, community centres and DIY retailers our politicians visit, I strongly suspect that the vast majority of electors will not be taken in. They would much prefer to see some basic honesty, starting with the political parties telling us exactly what they plan to do if elected to reduce our debt, rejuvenate our wealth creation activities and return our economy to real and sustained growth.

Public spending cuts and more tax rises seem inevitable, but so too is the need to invest in areas such as manufacturing and construction which will create wealth and provide worthwhile employment for our skilled workers and young people.

Some 10.5 million people have either given up looking for work or are desperately looking for proper jobs. With public sector employment likely to be hit hard over the coming months, we have some major challenges ahead. Already the unions are flexing their muscles and a summer of discontent seems a distinct possibility.

Wealth creation and jobs are key elements of a sustainable future.

The manufacturing of building materials is one of last great manufacturing industries in the UK and is the catalyst for many more jobs in merchanting, distribution and installation. We need to make things in volume in the UK rather than simply continuing the trend of closing down manufacturing capacity in favour of the importation of goods from the lower cost labour markets. Unlike our key European neighbours successive Governments have failed to look at the bigger picture and much of what made Britain “Great” has been sold off or closed down.

So come on Messieurs Clegg, Cameron and Brown it’s time to step up and do what is right for the UK by protecting and investing in what is left of our manufacturing heritage and putting in place the planning and funding to Get Britain Building!

About Guest Blogger - Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard, Director of Modern Masonry Alliance, shares his thoughts on what's happening in the construction industry

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