STG extends sealant range

STG Products has added a kitchen and bathroom option to its range of sealants.

STG extends sealant range

The new CornerTape SiliconePro Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant, has the first Anti-Drip Valve and Pre-Cut Nozzle System and is available in seven different colours – white, black, grey, light grey, dark grey, cream and clear – from this month.

Further new sealants are promised later in the year and all will be Anti-Mould and include the patented Anti-Drip Valve and Pre-Cut Nozzle System for easy use, to prevent waste and save mess.

The Anti-Drip Valve is at the front of the tube, close to the front hand and is easy to use – one simple turn of the valve immediately cuts off the flow of sealant, preventing the traditionally inevitable overspill.

The Pre-Cut Nozzle System comes in four sections, each of which unscrews to reveal the next, and a lid. Each nozzle is cut at an angle of 45° and corresponds to the various sizes of CornerTape for beads of sealant 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm in size. The cured sealant is easily cleared by simply unscrewing each nozzle and taking the old cured sealant out – no more prodding and poking the hard sealant from the nozzle and no need to purchase new nozzles.

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