Rexel launches new Wi-Fi Heating Products

As market demand continues to grow for smart functioning controls in the home leading electrical distributor Rexel is launching a new range of its Newlec heating products – including two Wi-Fi controlled products.

This is a first for the Rexel own brand Newlec within this sector, with the two new products – Newlec Wi-Fi Thermostat and the Newlec Wi-Fi Controlled Fused Spur Timeswitch.

The Newlec Wi-Fi Thermostat enables homeowners to control their heating via a Newlec app on their device. It is easy to install or retrofit and controls the heating remotely via the app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. It functions on both Wi-Fi and 4G so users don’t need to be in an area with Wi-Fi connection.

Conveniently, the thermostat supports multiple users and devices so anyone in the household can check or control the heating wherever they are.

Users can schedule heating times over a week with up to six time and temperature periods per day, which can also be repeated weekly saving users time. And the Newlec Wi-Fi Thermostat has a set temperature range of 5C to 35C with adjustments in 0.5 or 1.0 degree steps.

The Newlec Wi-Fi Controlled Fused Spur Timeswitch is also controlled via a Newlec app available on Android and iOS and works with either Wi-Fi or 4G.

The Timeswitch fits as a standard 25mm deep single wall box and can be directly retrofit for a BS1362 fused connection unit. It is 13A rated and is suitable or 3kW applications, such as immersion heaters, a 5A inductive load, 1000W tungsten lighting, 500W LED, 100W CFL bulbs and 500 flourescent lighting.

Running costs can be reduced through the use of the Fused Spur Timeswitch by scheduling heating times and cancelling unwanted programmes. And as with the Newlec Wi-Fi Thermostat multiple users can have access to the device adding to the ease of the product.

Phil Wardell, Product Manager at Rexel, said: “We’re pleased to offer this new solution across our 230 branch network, which we know is in great demand by consumers. Smart products are only growing in popularity as they allow homeowners to have closer control over their heating systems in this instance, enabling easier change to pre-programmed systems and ultimately they can contribute to a better and more efficient use of energy in the home.

“Our Newlec controls also come with a three year warranty, demonstrating how confident we are that the range offers reliable and high quality heating solutions.”

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