Redland Regent crowns residential block

Regent Half Tiles  were among a number of  products from roofing manufacturer Redland used on the refurbishment of a block of 30 apartments in Caterham, Surrey.

The very low pitch of the roof, just 16o, and the need to match the existing tiles visually was behind the choice of the Regent tiles.

BR1806CC BMI Redland Caterham Apartments 28129

The roofing details included replacing the mortar bedding with the Dry Vent Ridge system together with the Redland Dry Hip system, with Kro-Clips fixing the cut tiles. Installing Kro-Clips on the hips simplified inspection because they are fixed before the dry hip system is put in place.  At the eaves – with a traditional open loft space – 10mm Redland RedVent Eaves Vent was specified, with Extension Trays into the loft space.

The Cloaked Verge System was installed where the module sizes provided a sensible fit. The system provides high resistance to wind uplift, is maintenance-free and provides a neat finish to the verge. It employs a one-piece concrete tile to continue the tiling over the gable end and is mechanically fixed, eliminating the need for mortar bedding.

Lead was used at the top-edge abutments if it was not ventilated, but if ventilated, the Redland Top Edge Abutment Vent was installed. Ventilation tiles were installed to terminate soil pipes and bathroom extract fans.


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