Pland Stainless reports largest growth in sales during 2021

PlandStaffcelebrate 002 1Despite the challenges caused by Covid-19 and Brexit, Pland Stainless has reported a 10% growth in sales during 2021.

The business, which has been manufacturing stainless steel products mainly for the commercial market since 1919, has seen the largest growth on products from all sectors including healthcare, catering, secure accommodation, and education.

Throughout 2021, Pland made multiple investments in the business. It has purchased and trialled two robots for welding and polishing, designed to be used for repetitive tasks, particularly where vibration causes health and safety concerns for its polishers. The business has had a new guillotine machine installed, a new heavy lifting machine for stainless steel sheets, additional space heaters for the building and new racking for storage.

Pland managed to finish 2021 without any price increases being passed to their customers, albeit in January 2022 Pland had to succumb to a 6% product increase due to the fluctuation in raw material prices.

The experience of the team has had a massive contribution to its success. Pland’s employee retention record is above average with a number of employees achieving over 30 years of service with the business. It employs traditional skilled craftsmen and continually recruits apprentices to learn and continue the trades.

Steve Duree, MD of Pland Stainless, said: “2021 was a busy year for everyone at Pland, but a successful one and it’s all credit to the team that we achieved so much in very challenging and uncertain times.”

“We have to plan our steel supply a year in advance and submit our intended usage to our supplier. Forecasting is never an exact science, but it was particularly difficult in the current climate. Our stockholding has increase by around 25% to ensure continuity of supply and all at a time when overall steel prices were running around 18-25% higher than the prior year.”

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