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Debi Boulton looks at tiling trends for Summer

All businesses will tell you that keeping on top of the latest trends in the industry is key to the success of a business.

This is particularly true in the tiling industry, with styles and materials evolving significantly in recent years, mirroring wider trends in construction and interiors.

Looking ahead, a number of key trends are likely to grow in popularity this summer. Significantly we expect continued growth in the use of large scale floor tiles – with sizes continuing to grow year-on-year – as well as small-scale tile and hexagonal shapes, which all require the use of specialist adhesives to suit the tile type, background and environment.

Large format tiles seem to be everywhere at the moment and it’s not hard to see why, providing the illusion of space, adding depth and dimension to rooms that might easily appear small. Not only are large format tiles far more widely available than they were ten years ago, they are also thinner and stronger, making them more affordable and suitable for domestic installations.

One of the hottest new trends is the use of natural stone tiles, which offer many of the same practical benefits as large format tiles. Laid in unique patterns, the use of natural stone also brings an aesthetically pleasing look into the kitchen and bathroom.

The craze in outdoor tiling installations is also expected to endure this summer, with homeowners looking to create a seamless transition from interior to exterior.

While decking can look nice for a month or too, the appeal can soon wear off, requiring constant treatment and cleaning to maintain the “new” look. It’s a long, expensive and arduous task that needs to be repeated many times a year.

Anti-slip outdoor tiles are fast becoming the must have alternative to decking. Coming in a range of styles and colours, outdoor tiles are perfect for reviving an outdoor area. Summer trends for outdoor tiling include wood effect styles and eye-catching Moroccan-style designs.

Many homeowners and installers are unaware that specialist tile adhesives are available and suitable for fixing large format natural stone, porcelain and terrazzo tiles and paving slabs onto outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and cement:sand screeds, replacing the use of traditional sand:cement mixtures.

This trend provides a significant up-selling/cross-selling opportunity for sales staff, creating a lasting impact on sales and margins for both retailer and manufacturer.

Tiling materials have advanced in recent times in terms of both range and quality. Tiles themselves can now be bought in a staggering range of styles, shapes and materials and are increasingly available in a range of outlets.

Not only does this allow tiling to cater to a wider range of differing personal tastes at little cost, but such easy availability is also more likely to entice people to opt for a tiled surface to benefit from its lasting and simple to clean finish.

Debi Boulton is Sales and Marketing Manager at Dunlop

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Debi Boulton is brand manager at Dunlop Adhesives

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