Increasing customer engagement

Debi Boulton, brand manager at Dunlop, discusses how merchants can benefit from staff training on product lines to maximise customer interaction and increase sales.

Installers and builders are always looking at ways to save their pennies, so will often shop around for the best deal. So how do merchants increase customer engagement to keep their customers coming back?

Switched on merchants know that builders and installers want to visit stores and be engaged by knowledgeable retail staff to help them take home the right products for their job.

Knowing how to achieve and maintain this level of engagement day-in day-out is a major challenge for merchants, and even the best often need help with it.

Experience shows that what the customer values more than anything over any app, promotion, website or voucher is a person who has been carefully trained to deliver product information and installation advice.

Putting your staff through a simple days training course on a specific product line can help increase your sales and ultimately your market share.

Developing product and sales knowledge helps your sales staff to identify a customer’s current and future needs more easily, and gives them the confidence to sell higher ticket items, resulting in tangible benefits.

It also gives sales staff the confidence and skills to up-sell and cross-sell more effectively, generating more revenue.

At Dunlop HQ we have recently opened a state-of-the-art Innovation and Technology Centre, which gives us the opportunity to offer merchants training courses for their staff.

These types of courses provide an ideal opportunity for retail staff at merchants to broaden their understanding of not only the products, but also an overview of the complete installation process.

We also believe that retail staff should be given practical, hands-on experience on fixing techniques and product application.

Flexibility is also a key consideration when looking at the overall training package. Merchants should be given the ability to pick and choose different modules to suit their needs and their retail environment, and this is certainly an approach that we take with our courses.

So don’t miss out on giving your staff the skills and knowledge to sell more effectively, generate repeat custom and overall produce substantial commercial benefits.

About Guest Blogger - Debi Boulton

Debi Boulton is brand manager at Dunlop Adhesives

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