Multifoil manufacturers want clarity on standards

The European Multifoil Manufacturers Association is concerened that there is confusion surrounding multifoil insulation product standards, especially in the run up to the new Construction Products Regulation.

The regulation, which will require all construction products to carry CE-marking, comes into force in July 2013.

As reflective multifoils do not have yet harmonised European standards, EMM says misunderstandings have arisen about the scope and content of the norm EN 16012 for reflective insulation products, published in the UK early in 2012.

EMM spokesman, Robert Menras, says: “EN 16012 describes the test method to evaluate the declared thermal performance of reflective insulation products, including multifoils, based on the use of lab testing methodologies.

“The issue is that EN 16012 cannot yet lead to CE-marking as it is a supporting norm, not a product norm. A product norm for reflective insulation products is therefore being developed, but it has not yet been published. It means that EN 16012 cannot be made mandatory and can only be used on a voluntary basis.

“The European Commission has confirmed that until the findings of working groups have been concluded, the EN 16012 standard alone will not lead to a product standard.”

EMM welcomes the fact that when the product standard for the reflective multifoil insulation industry is published, it will include a dual testing methodology, enabling the products to claim an in situ value combined with and complementing the lab value.

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