Knauf Insulation launches OmniFit Slab 32

Knauf Insulation has launched OmniFit® Slab 32, the first 32 lambda glass mineral wool insulation slab on the market for use in light steel frame systems (SFS) as part of a rainscreen façade or other external wall build-ups.

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OmniFit® Slab 32 is primarily designed for use with Rocksilk® RainScreen Slab when used in rainscreen applications, and is suitable for use in the external wall systems of all residential buildings over 11m tall and relevant residential buildings over 18m tall.

As well as thermal performance and fire safety, when used in applications where acoustic performance is demanded OmniFit® Slab 32 will exceed the required performance needed to meet the 40.0 RwdB Building Regulations Part E.

It is the latest addition to Knauf Insulation’s OmniFit® range of multi-application glass mineral wool rolls and slabs. Offering thermal conductivity between 0.032 W/mK and 0.040 W/mK and acoustic performance, the OmniFit® products come with all the benefits of glass mineral wool, including lower embodied carbon when compared to equivalent rock mineral wool products.

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