H&B welcomes Noble graduate

h&b Development Group member Wilf Noble, a builders merchant based in Whitby, has graduated to the independent builders merchant buying group’s primary group.

Using h&b’s buying deals and support from fellow merchants, Wilf Noble has grown its turnover and proved its compliance.

Wilf Noble Graduation Oct 19 hb

The h&b Development Group was conceived as a new concept to help small to medium-sized independent merchant businesses to take advantage of h&b’s buying deals and business support to grow turnover, profitability and professionalism. It provides smaller merchants a proven pathway to membership of the main buying group and all the benefits that offers.

“Joining a buying group was a big step for us as an independent family-run business,” says Wilf Noble MD Catherine Noble. “But as soon as we joined we knew we had made the right decision. The feel of the group, the professional culture, has really helped us through the process. The whole h&b team has helped, guided
and developed us through the whole process and being able to speak to fellow members who have been there, done that, has been a great advantage for us.

“We are definitely buying smarter: more full loads, better deals, new suppliers,” she continues. “All of the big brands are now keen to talk to us and as well as better delivery terms and deals we have had improved allocations of key products. We are really excited to be joining the main h&b Group and looking forward to
making a strong contribution to the Group to help grow everyone’s businesses.”

The h&b Development Group offers carefully selected smaller merchants access to offers to a vast range of negotiated deals and a strategically mapped route to growth and success. It has a number of structures
and strategies in place to help members to achieve the turnover required to take them to the next level. The h&b management team aim reach a maximum of 25 Development Group.

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