Geometric painting no problem for professionals with tesa® Precision

81voW2i00eL. SL1500 Geometric painting designs have become an increasingly popular trend in contemporary interior design, leaving professional decorators in need of a solution that can aid in the creation of sharp and precise edges. Fortunately, decorators can achieve this unique look using the tesa® Precision range of masking tapes.

Geometric painting has made a strong comeback since its widespread popularity 40 to 50 years ago. Like many fashionable styles, the technique was common place in the seventies and has become increasingly prevalent again in modern homes and spaces.  Common applications today include wall decors and features.

Painting and decorating professionals are expected to produce perfect results regardless of the complexity or intricacy of a geometric design. Using inferior or general masking tapes is a false economy as using the wrong tape for the job can have expensive repercussions and, besides flawless paint edges, it’s the reliability and performance of products that provides a valuable advantage to professionals.

tesa® Precision Mask® consists of an extra-thin and strong Japanese rice paper (Washi) backing and can be used to support geometric painting indoors or outdoors and on a range of surfaces, including glass, aluminium, PVC and wood. The combination of a highly equipped backing material and special adhesive formulation allows easy removability and a translucent backing allows for easy positioning. It is also easy to tRJA Paintingear by hand without leaving any unsightly residues.

Greg Perkins, Key Account Manager, Craftsmen Trade for tesa UK, says “Our Precision range of masking tapes continue to be recognised throughout the Painting & Decorating sector for the quality and finish they provide. We understand that decorators work is often varied and application requirements change with the times. We are delighted to see that this range of tapes are being used to support the creation of the latest innovative design trends”.

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