Euroform announces its A2 Versapanel meets requirements for Worcester Regeneration Scheme

The A2 Versapanel is a cement bonded particle board that can be used as an SFS sheathing board, it will be used in the  Sherriff’s Gate project, which is a part of the Worcester regeneration scheme.

The board has a density of 1560 kg/ m3 and provides a high mass exterior lining, it is also in compliance of the design to Approved Document E, which means it is resistant to sound.

Sherriffs Gate Worcester image 1

Euroform claim the A2 Versapanel underwent rigorous independent testing by acoustic and environmental consultancy SRL.

The product combines the benefits of traditional cement bonded particle boards with A2 Reaction to Fire, according to EN 13501-1, making it a material of limited combustibility and it also meets the requirements of Approved Document B, which is the fire regulations for tall buildings.

A range of systems may be applied over A2 Versapanel such as; approved insulated render systems, terracotta cladding systems, high performance cladding systems and traditional brick coursework.

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