Crown Trade targets health sector

Paint manufacturer Crown Trade has launched two new anti bacterial decorative coatings to help stop the ‘Superbugs’ in health facilities.

Crown Trade targets health sector

Harmful organisms such as MRSA will survive on dry surfaces for several months, which is a very compelling argument for the use of anti bacterial decorative coatings throughout hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Crown Trade Steracryl Anti Bacterial Scrubbable Matt and Durable Acrylic Eggshell are formulated for maximum durability in heavily trafficked areas and will keep looking fresh, even when subjected to the intensive cleaning regimes demanded in hospitals, clinics and surgeries.

Both incorporate SteriTouch® antimicrobial additives which use the natural sterilising properties of silver. These same silver ion additives are also used extensively in healthcare environments to provide anti bacterial protection in mattresses, wall cladding panels, curtains, surgical equipment, etc.

The two new coatings boast a Class 1 Scrub rating. When ‘scrub tested’ according to ISO 11998, Steracryl Anti Bacterial Scrubbable Matt lost less than 5 microns of film thickness after 200 cycles, representing a 400% increase in resistance to wet scrubbing compared to conventional vinyl matt.

Crown Trade has also undertaken rigorous field trials at various NHS facilities to test the durability, scrubbability and appearance retention of its new products. Both have been proven to extend redecoration cycles, enabling health trusts to stretch their maintenance budgets further.

The new coatings are now available in a White and Pastel colour range. Although specified predominantly in healthcare environments, their anti bacterial properties and tough and durable finishes also make them ideally suited for use in all sorts of food preparation areas where hygiene is a top priority and where regular and rigorous cleaning of surfaces is required.

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