CPA welcomes construction’s role in Growth Strategy

The Construction Products Association has welcomed the recognition in the Budget today that construction will play a vital role in stimulating economic recovery.

However, the Association is disappointed that not enough has been done to stimulate housing refurbishment in advance of the Green Deal in 2012.

Michael Ankers, CPA chief executive said: ‘We welcome a number of measures that have been brought in to encourage growth in the economy. These include a serious attempt to unblock the planning system, encouragement for sustainable development, opening up economic activity with the introduction of Enterprise Zones and helping first time buyers access the housing market.

‘The proposed planning changes are very welcome as they recognise and address some of the difficulties faced by industrial and commercial development. Similarly the investment in 21 Enterprise Zones will also encourage much needed investment and expansion in a number of regions across the country.

“We are pleased that the Chancellor has recognised the enormous difficulty the housing market has been facing for several years and the introduction of financial help for first time buyers is a much needed boost. However, this is a very modest step and is unlikely to make much of a dent in the 100,000 shortfall of new build that this sector is currently facing.

“What is equally disappointing is that despite the Chancellor re-iterating the claim that they want to be the greenest government ever, no measures were announced that would encourage increased investment in the energy efficiency of existing homes in advance of the Green Deal which is due to come in towards the end of 2012.”

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