Cemex gets all clear for Climafuel in Rugby

Cement manufacturer Cement has been granted permission by the Environment Agency to use its more environmentally-friendly fuel Climafuel at its Rugby plant.
Climafuel is derived from household residual waste and commercial waste. It looks like shredded paper and comprises paper, cardboard, wood, carpet, textiles and plastics that have been through a treatment process. It is a solid, non-hazardous fuel from which recoverable materials have been removed for recycling. It will replace some of the fossil fuels currently being used to operate the Rugby plant.

CEMEX UK community affairs manager, Ian Southcott said: “We have a whole range of conditions and emission limits that are part of our environmental permit. Using alternative fuels is now commonplace in the industry, but we have to demonstrate on a plant-by-plant basis that there is no ‘net detriment’ to using these fuels compared with traditional fossil fuels such as coal.”

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