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BSW Group, is gearing up for a busy end to 2022, with its commitment to supporting STEM development continuing as students return to school.

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Throughout the 2021-22 academic year, BSW Group members BSW Timber and Tillhill, along with associated partners, hosted secondary school students at sites across England, Scotland and Wales to enhance their understanding of the timber industry, with an emphasis on attracting young talent to the sector in the coming years.

Tony Lockey, BSW Group learning and development manager, said: “What we offer at BSW is a fully rounded training package for our apprentices, not just study in the classroom but hands on experience with a range of jobs and opportunities. We build our teams through robust succession plans and choose the right individuals to take our business onwards.”

Lockey added: “A recent promotion saw several new Tilhill graduates sign up for STEM Ambassador status. This is a fantastic way to promote our business to a wide range of individuals and inspire future timber and forestry workers. This often promotes the roles that are available through site visits and demonstrations, bringing young people face to face with exciting new opportunities that many had never thought they would explore.”

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