Bradfords launches an employee sustainability training scheme

Bradfords has launched an employee domestic training scheme which aims to reduce energy bills, the scheme will offer employees a free home energy assessment.

The scheme is in partnership with local domestic retrofits experts Target CO2, it involves conducting in person home energy surveys to all homeowning employees who have requested to join the initiative.

Target CO2 will provide employees with a retrofit plan, including an up-to-date EPC, a ventilation guide and condition report. They will also receive guidance on recommended solutions and products that could help increase their homes energy efficiency.

The scheme will also benefit the employees as it makes the retrofit plan, products and scenarios they offer to customers more relatable as they will have a better understanding of the topic, whilst providing a high quality of solutions for retrofit enquiries across the South West.

Giles Bradford, head of sustainability at Bradfords said: “By providing this initiative to employees, we not only give them an actionable plan to reduce their own bills and emissions but also a solid understanding of the requirements of domestic retrofit which they can share with peers and customers.

“Between now and 2050, over 2 million homes across the South West will need retrofitting. Our scheme may be a drop in the ocean as far as this target goes for now, but along with our wider partnership with Target CO2, it sets us up to be able to support the UK domestic retrofit agenda as it gains momentum.”

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Bradfords have said feedback on the scheme has been overwhelmingly positive, so far, with employees noting the relative ease of some of Target CO2’s recommendations. These include installing thermostatic radiator valves or addressing ventilation gaps. There is also potential for larger scale projects to be installed such as additional insulation, heat-pumps and solar panels.

Jo Flint, facilities administrator at Bradfords, took part in the scheme said: “The home energy assessment really opened my eyes to how insulation and ventilation are linked to each other and to energy and cost savings. I will be implementing the advice around trickle vents and extraction fans, and sharing the knowledge I have gained, as well as considering renewables solutions such as solar panels.”

Information about the employee properties that have been assessed will be used to develop a picture of the region’s retrofit needs to inform Bradfords’ domestic retrofit proposition.


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