Arbor Forest Products Investment in MDF Pays Off

Arbor Forest Products MDF plantFive years after launching its first MDF production unit, Arbor Forest Products is continuing to reap the benefits, posting record sales every month since the MDF line was installed in 2014.

In fact, the company’s MDF sales have increased month-on-month and year-on-year since 2014, seeing a further boost with the completion of a second MDF production unit, which was launched in 2017 following a £2.8 million investment, doubling Arbor Forest Products’ capacity.

At that time, Arbor Forest Products affirmed its commitment to becoming a leading supplier of MDF mouldings to the UK market. The increased capacity has allowed the company to offer different lengths as well as customers’ own profiles, cross-cutting and trenching.

The company first launched its MDF line to support its ‘Warehouse on Wheels’ concept, which enables the delivery of multiple products by a single vehicle. It enables merchants who previously struggled to buy from single-product manufacturers to also stock the product, by offering just-in-time deliveries.

By expanding its capabilities over the years, Arbor Forest Products has been able to meet the needs of merchant customers supplying to a broader range of market sectors, such as the new-build housing market, where tradespeople require a wider selection of MDF products. This expanded offering and ability to anticipate the market’s needs have directly resulted in the strong MDF sales growth posted by Arbor Forest Products across the past five years.

Managing director Jason Ostler commented: “Over the years we have invested significantly in our MDF production capability, and our belief in this market and the support we are able to give our customers has resulted in a remarkable period of growth for this sector of our business.

“The year-on-year sales increase is testament to the high quality of our products and the relationship we have with our merchant customers, who have been a real driver of this market too. With ever-present demand for new-build houses in particular, and even with the advent of modern modular construction, we expect to see demand continuing and we will continue to innovate and invest in order to meet our customers’ needs.”


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