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Carver’s rebuild is coming along nicely

You probably haven’t heard much of us of late .. we’ve been a little pre-occupied.

Operating as normal, we’ve been scurrying away, collecting orders and supplying customers, ducking the triple dip recession and desperately trying to get hold of some fence panels in the process !

Nothing unusual in that, I guess. However, behind the scenes the brand new Carver building is finally taking shape and will be ready to unveil in the next few months.

We still have a building site, but the diggers have long since left, the building is actually up, the floor is down and we now have windows (..doors are to follow !). How things have changed – it’s pretty hard to even imagine what was here before.

I still walk around the old building sometimes (.. in my sleep, in a ‘titanic’ style moment) and long for the day, when I can finally wear ‘proper’ shoes to work, again !

Local contractors, AM Griffiths are on target, ready to hand over the building, once complete at the end of June for the work to start on the internal fit, again by local contractors. The schedule is pretty hectic, we anticipate we shall have approximately six different trades on site fitting at any one time and we believe it will take approximately eight weeks.

There will be two phases to the fit – phase one will include the main showroom, warehouse and bathroom showroom and offices and phase two will include the café and franchises.

The building will open for business after phase one which is expected to be the end of September and the official launch will be held after phase two is complete, towards the end of the year.

In the meantime, our Drive Through facility is operating very nicely and servicing our jobbing builders. Customer feedback suggests we are getting lots of things right, which is always nice to hear !

Big decisions and huge investments made within the rebuild programme, we hope, will pay dividends and we long to put Carvers quite rightly, back ‘on the map’ !

Jimmy Choos .. here I come !

Rachel Groom is marketing manager at Carvers

About Guest Blogger - Rachel Groom

Rachel Groom is marketing manager at Carvers of Wolverhampton, the builders and timber merchants in Wolverhampton

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