VitrA’s bathroom trends for 2021

It might sound like a particularly gruesome illness, but Biophilia is predicted to be big in bathrooms for 2021. Biophilia is the integration and inclusion of nature as a focal point – with lavish, well cared for greenery, natural wood finishes and subtle shapes and colours.  A biophilic bathroom design features shapes and colours that have a relationship with the great outdoors. Various ferns and air plants like Tillandsia will thrive in humid bathrooms. Succulent plants (plants that store water in their leaves) also love bathrooms.  To complement glossy leaves and foliage, white remains the top choice for sanitaryware – but splashes of subtle colour can be added with vessel basins. “The return to the full-colour suite may not be around the corner,” comments VitrA’s Margaret Talbot, but a subtle hint of colour in a soft earth tone adds character and distinction to a bathroom.” Outline basin from VitrA

The connection between water, wellbeing and nature has never been easier with waterfall showerheads, walk-in showers, and statement baths.   Elegant furniture that reflects this need for relaxation with nature-inspired wood finishes, presented with lush leaves and foliage will be popular with consumers happy to spend on home improvements in the absence of far-flung holidays.

WC’s are a stylish addition to any bathroom and will be appreciated by users of all ages. They offer a range of features including a sensor that opens the lid as the user approaches, adjustable washing and drying functions, a heated seat and more. The pan is wall hung so can be set at a comfortable height. It also features odour control and VitrA’s Rim-ex design, which means there is no rim around the inside of the pan for germs and limescale to lurk. The control is simple and easy to use. “There are many benefits to shower toilets,” comments Margaret Talbot. “Hands-free cleaning is hygienic and helps to stop the spread of illnesses, plus the cleaning and drying functions negate the need for toilet paper. For the consumer looking to stay at home, one is a vital consideration.”

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