Versatile low mod construction sealant from tremco illbruck

The latest offering from sealant specialist, tremco illbruck to the construction industry is illbruck SP510 low mod construction sealant for use in window and door perimeter joints. This offers enough elasticity to create movement joints, bonding strongly with a wide variety of building substrates, including metals.

Manufactured at their state-of-the-art factory in Germany, with a new technology solvent-free formulation, illbruck SP510 is a sealant applicator’s dream, i.e. it is easy to tool, has low-emissions (it is EC1-Plus licensed) and can be used with a foil gun.SP510 GB LR

As well as the traditional cartridge, illbruck SP510 is also offered in both 400 ml and 600 ml foils, this over-paintable sealant also produces less waste on-site than traditional cartridges.  For example, a used foil has 18 times less volume than a used cartridge, which means less space in expensive skips and ever-growing landfill sites.  Minimising plastics use in the construction industry is a critical issue for now and the future.

As this product is manufactured in-house and not reliant on the current volatile silicone situation, illbruck SP510 is a very competitive option in an ever-changing market place.

Overall, illbruck SP510 is a user-friendly, cost effective and fully certificated sealant for creating joint details that will remain flexible and highly durable. 

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