VELUX partners with Hydro to cut carbon emissions

VELUX Group and Hydro have agreed to a joint target to reduce CO2 emitted per kilo of aluminium, contributing to the VELUX Group goal to halve value chain emissions by 2030.

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The partnership agreement target is for VELUX to reach a level below 2.0 kg carbon emitted per kilogram of aluminium by 2030, which is less than one fifth of the European average of 11.3 kg. This ambitious target includes the entire aluminium value chain and is based on the average of all the extruded aluminium components that Hydro delivers to VELUX. Already by the end of 2022, VELUX expects the partnership to result in a 15,000-20,000 tonne carbon abatement.

With more than 94% of the VELUX Group’s carbon footprint stemming from materials used in its products, value chain collaboration is critical for halving its scope 3 emissions by 2030.

“With buildings accounting for almost 40 percent of CO2 emissions, it’s crucial the materials that go into them become more sustainable. With this move to include low-carbon aluminium in our products, we are taking a step closer to achieving the VELUX Group’s most challenging sustainability target – to reduce our scope 3 emissions by 50% by 2030,” said Tina Mayn, Executive Vice President, Products and Innovation, the VELUX Group.

By using the low-carbon products Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL, carbon emissions per kilo of aluminium used in the manufacturing of VELUX roof windows, flat-roof windows and accessories (shutters and blinds) will be reduced.

“Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL are designed to help our customers reach their sustainability goals. Consumers and end users of crucial building materials like windows will become even more climate conscious in the future. In that way, Hydro and VELUX are taking responsibility throughout the entire value chain. We’re pleased about the deepened collaboration and looking forward to future progress,” added Paul Warton, executive vice president responsible for the Hydro Extrusions business area.

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