The Conex Banninger Rib Nut

Conex Compression fittings ensure a permanently tight and secure connection without the need for sealant.

Compression joint

Conex Banninger fittings are easy to use and provide compactness, strength, grip and effortless engagement. No hot works are required, they provide a permanent flame free connection and are corrosion resistant.

Manufactured from brass materials, the unique compression rib nut can be used in a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications making it a versatile product. Its applications are many fold including hot or cold drinking water, water, solar and gas.

The unique ribbed cap-nut design allows tube versatility. This includes copper (to EN 1057), carbon steel (to EN 10305), stainless steel (to EN 10312) and plastic pipes (to BS EN 7291, EN 15875 and EN 15876).

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