The backbone to drylining just got stronger

The backbone to drylining just got stronger as British Gypsum announces several improvements to its Gypframe product range.

Following customer feedback, British Gypsum is improving its Gypframe product range. Starting with the popular 48S50 and 70S50 C studs and associated standard channels in December 2017, with a pipeline of continuing evolution over the next few years.

The stud leg length has been increased by 5mm to give a bigger target for board fixing, making installation on-site easier. For added rigidity, especially on the legs, the corners have been embossed – this reduces the effect of twisting and moving as the board is fixed in place, making installation quicker and easier, whilst also providing a stronger wall with significantly less deflection.

The dimensional changes and increased rigidity also help the stud engage firmly in the track – it ‘snaps’ into place and stays there.

The new metal is completely compatible with all existing Gypframe products meaning that merchants and resellers can sell existing stock side by side with the new products with zero supply disruption. The new Gypframe products also feature prominent branding for rapid identification on-site and in-store.

In addition, merchants and resellers can still pass on complete peace of mind to their customers as all systems built using Gypframe metal components – even if they are a mix of the old and new products – qualify for the trusted British Gypsum SpecSure® warranty, which guarantees the system will perform as intended throughout its entire installed life. What’s more, the new product does not affect current specifications and represents a direct replacement with no code or name changes.

Richard Haworth, Senior Product Manager at British Gypsum, commented: “The backbone to any drylining project is the frame and the improvements to our new Gypframe range result in stronger walls that are easier to build. Merchants will experience a seamless transition between the old and new track and stud, as it represents a straightforward one-for-one replacement. There is one small change, and that’s to the pack size, but we can help with that at the point of order.”

As with all British Gypsum products, resellers and installers can access expert technical guidance about Gypframe through the company’s experienced technical team and readily available product literature. British Gypsum can support customers either on-site, via telephone or through its range of online tools and resources. The company also offers a diverse range of free and paid-for training courses in various drylining disciplines to help resellers up-skill their staff teams.

British Gypsum has over 100 years of experience in developing products in the interior lining sector and is continually developing its range to provide market-leading performance. For more information about Gypframe products please visit:

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