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New FlexiWork Neon Jackets and Fleeces

2020 Neon

New Neon Jackets and Fleeces from Snickers Workwear for the flexible working environment – delivering visibly superior comfort and freedom of movement. While Fabric, Functionality, and Fit are hallmarks of Snickers Workwear, it’s the innovation and fabric technology in the design of the new FlexiWork Neon Fleece Hoodie, Jacket, and …

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Snickers Workwear’s newest work gloves for healthy hands

2020 Gloves 1

There’s one thing that Professional Tradesmen and Women can’t do without if they want to get their jobs done properly – Healthy Hands! So take good care of your most important tools and choose a pair that’s right for your work to ensure the ultimate in dexterity, durability, comfort and …

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Snickers Workwear sustainable Merino wool clothing

2020 Merino

Snickers has launched its new range of 100% All-Natural Merino Wool mid- and base-layer clothes that allow wearers to stay as warm or as cool as they need to be, whilst delivering optimal comfort for all kinds of working environments and leisure activities when the weather gets chilly. There are short …

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Detachable holster pockets in Snickers’ new LiteWork stretch trousers

Snickers Stretch Trousers

Leading where others follow, Snickers Workwear stretch fabrics deliver unrivaled comfort and close quarter mobility on site. Snickers Workwear’s hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs give plenty of scopes for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. Designed for a wide variety of jobs on-site, these …

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Snickers’ work gloves for healthy hands

2020 Gloves

There’s one thing that Professional Tradesmen and women can’t do without if they want to get their jobs done properly and that is healthy hands. Taking good care of our hands and choosing a pair that’s right for the type of work ensures the ultimate in dexterity, durability, comfort, and …

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Snickers advances protective wear

2019 ProtekworkGeneric1

ProtecWork is a new collection of advanced protective working clothes and accessories from Snickers Workwear, developed through close consultation with users and employers in the railway and energy sectors around Europe. Market-leading risk-protection properties of the clothing are integral components of the extensive range of Base-, Mid- and Top-Layer garments …

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Snickers’ 4-way stretch trousers

2019 AutumnTrousers

The next generation of Work Trouser choices from the premier brand of working clothes for professional tradesmen and women. There’s the Flexiwork 2.0 trousers, designed for craftsmen who want nothing but the best. These high-spec trousers are made of durable 4-way stretch fabric that offers a new level of comfort …

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Snickers’ New Workwear Catalogue

2019 Catalogue

This 200-page catalogue includes market-leading designs and information about the latest fabric technology innovations from one of the the world’s leading Workwear brands; the UK’s most extensive range of working clothes for professional tradesmen and women. There’s something for every trade in the Snickers Workwear range, from AllroundWork,  to RUFFWork, LITEWork …

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 Stay Cool At Work with Snickers Workwear

2019 Topwear

Lightweight fabrics in the new Topwear range will compliment Snickers Workwear Stretch Garments perfectly this Summer. The warmer weather will bring a need for professional craftsmen and women to be cool and dry – to maintain wellbeing  and working efficiency on site. That’s why Snickers’ new Topwear for the summer uses …

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Snickers’ Control Underwear

2018 Baselayer

The Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing uses high-tech breathable fabrics for ventilation and body moisture transport for consistent warmth and comfort. The seamless designs are available in 37.5® ventilating technology as well as polyester and merino wool to suit different types of work in a variety of cold weather conditions. The …

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