StormBank Pro offer rainwater harvesting for commercial applications

Hydro International promise mains water savings of 40% and payback in as little as two years with their new StormBank Pro Advanced Rainwater Harvesting system for commercial and public buildings.

StormBank Pro offer rainwater harvesting for commercial applications

The new launch for commercial applications follows the successful introduction of Hydro International’s StormBank domestic rainwater harvesting system last year.

The system works by using collected rainwater instead of expensive treated drinking water in a range of applications from toilet flushing and garden watering to vehicle and yard washdown.

The Hydro StormBank Pro is available in three sizes to cover roof areas less than 300sq m, between 300sq m and 750sq m and for developments with roof areas above 750 m2. Each system comprises a storage tank, water filter and control panel offering easy installation and minimal maintenance.

The largest commercial StormBank Pro system can be computer connected to the building’s management system. All StormBank systems have mains water back up for occasions when rainwater runs low.

“Rainwater Harvesting is rapidly becoming accepted as a desirable feature of sustainable buildings,” said Director of Stormwater for Hydro International Alex Stephenson. “Commercial rainwater harvesting systems need to be designed to meet the individual needs of the user, and it’s important to consider design issues at an early stage. Hydro offers a comprehensive design and advisory service on rainwater harvesting to ensure water saving opportunities are maximised for each building.”

“Rainwater harvesting has a demonstrable payback and many installations will pay for themselves in just a few years. On larger commercial applications it can be possible to achieve quantity savings on mains water in the order of 35-40% with commensurate savings on commercial water rates.

“Rainwater harvesting also helps meet planning consent for developments by controlling stormwater discharge to the mains, and thus helps reduce the flood risk of storm water runoff from hard surface developments,” he added.

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