Stelrad unveils radical radiator efficiency gains

Stelrad Radiators has developed a new radiator which warms up more quickly than a standard radiator, making it more efficient and cheaper to run.

Stelrad unveils radical radiator efficiency gains

Radical offers a 10.5% gas saving compared to a standard heating system, it gets warmer 23% more quickly because the front panel warms up first.

The ¾” male thread connections allow for connection of the pipes directly without additional couplers, reducing the risk of leaks and increasing the speed of installation. An integrated thermostatic valve can be mounted to the left or right and it is fully compatible with renewable energy sources as well as traditional heating systems.

Radical is the first ‘serial feed’ radiator on the UK market place; standard radiators are ‘parallel feed’, where the water enters the radiator and is fed via a ‘T’ piece to enter both panels at the same time and the same rate. A serial feed radiator allows the water to enter via a centre tap connection, directing the water flow into the front panel first before, after circulating around the front panel, the water eventually makes its way from the front panel into the back panel.

Because the front panel of a Radical heats up first, there’s a higher average temperature in the front panel than from a standard radiator and less heat is lost from the back panel.

The return flow from the heating system to the boiler is at a lower temperature, ensuring that the condensing boiler is able to condense efficiently.

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