Specflue puts money in the Heat Bank

Specflue, the stove and flue products company is now the sole supplier of the multi fuel heating solution, the Xcel Heat Bank.

Specflue puts money in the Heat Bank

Suitable for simultaneous connection to wood burners, stoves and biomass boilers, gas and oil boilers, solar panels, heat pumps, vented and sealed heating systems including radiators and under floor heating as well as high performance showers and multiple bathroom, the Xcel Heat Bank will heat an entire house.

It comes in four standard sizes and is made from Duplex stainless steel, complete with chrome finished outer casting and injected CFC free polyurethane insulation.

In its most basic form the store can act as a buffer system, used purely for central heating. Large bosses allow the largest of domestic wood burners to be comfortably connected using gravity circulation, with numerous other bosses for pumped circuits. Even larger bosses provide for immersion heaters as well as retro-fit coils. A large coil is provided as standard for connection of solar panels or any other pressurised heat source.

If necessary a plate heat exchanger option can be added to generate mains pressure hot water to run multiple bathrooms using high pressure mains water without the need for unvented certification or annual maintenance.

Further options provide fitted controls for the use of boilers of all types as well as heat pumps. Control options include pump assemblies, thermostats, programmers and timers and control valves. Both radiators and underfloor heating can be run simultaneously and the store is configured in such a way that low temperature loads (underfloor heating) can run of low temperature heat sources (e.g. heat pump) while high temperature loads (e.g. radiators) run using higher temperature heat sources (e.g. wood burners of boilers).

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