Siniat aims to beef up sales for merchants

Plasterboard manufacturer Siniat has launched a new promotion to help merchants up-sell high-performance thermal plasterboards, beef up their turnover and drive sales.
Through the ‘Beef Up’ promotion, which launches on 1 April, merchants will receive a free pallet of bonding compound for every three pallets of GTEC Thermal XP or GTEC Thermal PIR Boards purchased.

Merchants can pass this offer onto their customers, so they get a tub of bonding compound free with every purchase of three boards. The boards represent a major upgrade compared with standard thermal plasterboards, and present merchants with the opportunity to deliver sales and build interest for high-performance, higher-value products.

Fiona O’Callaghan, marketing communications manager at Siniat, said: “Insulation is a huge market, and we’ve worked closely with our merchant partners to develop a promotion that will help them to unlock sales of higher-value products. It’s the biggest promotion we’ve ever launched as a company and, we believe, comes at a time when confidence and aspiration is returning to the housing market.

“The ‘Beef It Up’ campaign is designed to appeal to everyone’s sense of fun and bring a simple message to every level of the supply chain: for merchants, ‘beef up’ your turnover; for builders, ‘beef up’ your reputation and clients’ savings; and for homeowners, ‘beef up’ your insulation.”

She added: “Working together to achieve better levels of energy efficiency is now more of a priority than ever for the whole construction industry, and advanced building materials are crucial.

“From our consumer research, we know that homeowners are more than willing to invest in a high-performing thermal board, if it saves them money on energy costs in the long run. Our challenge is to get builders to talk to their clients about it, with this campaign giving them a visual and financial prompt to do so.”

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