Saniflo launches its Sanicubic GP HP range

Saniflo has added two models to its Sanicubic lifting station range, its Sanicubic GR HP range is manufactured in France to the same quality as its whole range of Saniflo products.

The Sanicubic 1 and 2GR HP are designed to be highly competitive solutions, with performance that positions them between the best-selling Sanicom grey water lifting stations and the classic Sanicubic models.

6102 Sanicubic 2 Pro Lid 1

The 1GR features a single pump, whilst the 2GR has twin pumps for situations where continuity of operation is essential. Both models are designed to lift grey and black waste water and feature Pro XK2 grinder technology, an aluminium motor frame and a sturdy Rotomoulder tank in high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

It features exceptional access for maintenance, including to the pressure switch and motor, is a notable benefit, as is the adjustable motor power, enabling the units to be fine-tuned to the job at hand.

Its Sanicubic 1 GR HP is designed for pumping black waste water from individual houses, flats, pool houses or small business premises and features automated pneumatic control via an internal immersion pipe.

Its Sanicubic 2 GR HP is a larger unit with twin pumps for commercial premises, large individual buildings or multiple small buildings. During normal operation, the pumps work alternately to even wear and increase longevity and efficiency. However, should one pump fail, the other will assume all operations whilst any issue is swiftly addressed.

An optional alarm or control box can be specified with either option.

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