Robert Price becomes a Net Zero Carbon Business Champion

South Wales-based builders’ merchants, Robert Price, have become a ‘Zero Carbon Business Champion’ as part of the Construct Zero programme (also known as CO2nstruct Zero).

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After the UK government set out a path to Net Zero by 2050 – aka reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 100% from 1990 levels – the construction sector launched Construct Zero, a programme designed to encourage collaborative working to help meet, or even exceed, Net Zero targets.

To become a Construct Zero Business Champion, businesses must demonstrate active efforts and initiatives towards achieving Net Zero by reducing carbon emissions, sharing successful strategies within the sector, and utilising a set of metrics to measure progress – just as Robert Price have.

The South Wales builders’ merchants has been implementing several sustainable strategies that have helped achieve their successful application to become a Business Champion. As well as transforming their vehicle fleet, streamlining their transport and improving their uptake of paperless billing, they also opened their Sustainable Energy Centre (SEC) in 2022.

Created to showcase, inform and educate customers on a wide range of sustainable building materials and construction solutions, the SEC includes cutting-edge and sustainable heating systems, internal and external wall insulation, electric vehicle charging points and more.

To advance their efforts to meet the Net Zero target, Robert Price also runs a training academy in the SEC, the purpose of which is to train clients and contractors on sustainable products, renewable technologies and how to install them.

With over 1500 hours of product awareness training and over 7000 hours of training hosted already, it’s become a successful hub for renewable technology education and a vital resource to help meet the Net Zero target.

Molly Pike, marketing director at Robert Price, said: “We are thrilled to be a Zero Carbon Business Champion and to have received such an accreditation!”

“Not only are we dedicated to helping reach Net Zero in the industry, but we are also committed to providing the best solutions to our customers while meeting their individual needs. Having our application accepted and to be a part of the Construct Zero programme is to be recognised for our continuous effort towards Net Zero.”

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