Redland introduces Heather Brindle

Roof tile manufacturer Redland has adding a new clay tile to the Rosemary Classic range.

Redland introduces Heather Brindle

Heather Brindle is an orange sanded tile with a distinct purple hue. It brings the colours available in the Rosemary Classic range up to nine with a full range of matching fittings.

Like the other tiles in the Rosemary, Heather Brindle can be specified for a minimum pitch of 35° and a maximum pitch of 90°.

Heather Brindle is expected to be popular in South and Central regions where more ‘decorative’ tiles are favoured. As a key factor for specification and use in these regions is workability, the clay blend used for Heather Brindle is the ‘easier cutting’ variety.

When Heather Brindle is used as part of a Redland SpecMaster specification, completed roofs qualify for a 15 year design liability guarantee.

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