Plumb Inn joins the vital search for missing children across the country

Ray Andes London-based Plumb Inn Ltd have joined the vital search for missing children across the UK as part of a partnership between The IPG and Missing People, with its campaign spanning all three of its branches.

The IPG is a membership group for plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists. Through its network of local, independent businesses, the group has a presence in over 200 locations across the country, so are well-placed to support with Missing People’s ongoing battle locating missing children.

As part of the recently launched partnership, Plumb Inn gave an initial donation to the charity and received collection tins for their stores. The business is also able to download and print Missing People posters, showing a child that has gone missing from their local areas. The hope is that by making customers aware of any local missing children they can become extra eyes and ears in the search to find them.

As part of the initiative, Plumb Inn are also one of the first members to begin giving away free magnetic radiator keys to their customers, courtesy of Barlo Radiators. Customers are encouraged to pick up a key and make a small donation in their collection tins to this vital cause.

With more fundraising activities planned for 2019, The IPG and Plumb Inn are devoted to being a key support arm to Missing People’s relentless work to help search, locate and turn around the lives of displaced children.

Ray Andes, Managing Director of Plumb Inn said; “Thousands of children go missing each year in the UK, and we decided that due to the kind of business we are we have the ability to truly support the great work Missing People do to help find them.

“At Plumb Inn, we see it as our responsibility to give back to the community that supports us and we believe this new initiative is a good addition, alongside our other charitable work, in order to do just that.”

The announcement comes just before Plumb Inn launch its new website, which will have a dedicated section highlighting the charity initiatives it is a part of, along with detailing how its customers can also get involved.

Nike Lovell, Marketing Manager of The IPG, added; “We’re delighted that another one of our members has joined the search with Missing People. It is yet more proof that local independent business’ feel a certain responsibility to the community they cater for – and yet another reason why we should choose to support them.”

“If you are looking for expert advice or quality products then I recommend visiting your local independent plumbing, heating and bathrooms specialist. It is also a great way to find out about the local initiatives they are no doubt running at the time.”

Plumb Inn has locations across London including Enfield, Finsbury Park, and the City.

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