New Bosch direct driven random orbit sanders

Bosch expands its range with two new direct driven random orbit sanders the GET 55-125 Professional and GET 75-150 Professional. Both tools are equipped with a powerful 550 or 750 watts motor meaning they can achieve a fast removal rate with a high surface quality. Not just that, but with just one click, tradespeople can change from fine sanding to coarse sanding or polishing with the direct driven function, achieving three times faster material removal.

The optimised design of the tools means that they are easier to handle, yet another advantage. The GET 55-1252 get 55 125 gas mg 1412 18x13 press small Professional and GET 75-150 Professional are operated flexibly and comfortably in every application and position thanks to the ergonomically shaped palm rest with soft grip and narrow handle. Tradespeople from all woodworking trades, as well as painters and (automotive) varnishers are now able to achieve the highest possible sanding and polishing results. If smaller, convex or concave surfaces have to be processed, the GET 55-125 Professional is recommended with a sanding pad diameter of 125 millimetres. The GET 75-150 Professional with a 150-millimeter pad is particularly suitable for larger surfaces. Both tools have a six-stage speed pre-selec­tion and are designed for processing different surfaces.

The GET 55-125 Professional and GET 75-150 Professional allow professionals to work very efficiently at low dust levels due to the multi-hole pad and the M480 sanding net. In comparison to common six- to eight-hole standard pads, the multi-hole pad enables significantly better dust extraction. The multi-hole pad is also compatible with all common abrasives. It is suitable for all hole patterns and velcro types. The M480 Net supports dust extraction across the entire surface thanks to an open net structure. Clogging caused by residues and dusting of the workpiece or the environment are minimised, the lifetime of the abrasive is extended, and a high removal rate is ensured. The system solution protects your health, saves time-consuming cleaning of the workplace and enhances the surface quality. Dust particles that could otherwise remain on the workpiece and scratch it are also extracted efficiently.

The direct driven random orbit sanders are also equipped with an anti-static dust
extractor, that makes it easier to guide a connected dust extractor, an auxiliary handle for the use on both sides as well as a removable guard attachment for protecting the sanding pad and workpiece during work close to edges.

The direct driven random orbit sanders GET 55-125 Professional and GET 75-150 Professional are available now.

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