‘More than just Kitchen Furniture’ with Rotpunkt

Rotpunkt Zerox Kitchen in New Blackline Terragrey finish [left] and Zerox Kitchen in New Terragrey finish [right]

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Rotpunkt, leaders in the design and manufacture of quality German Kitchen furniture transcend the world of kitchen design with the launch of its universally styled furniture solutions that can inhabit more than one interior space: no longer just reserved for home gastronomy! 


The desire for open-plan interior design remains strong, in fact the 5th edition of the UK Domestic Kitchen & Bathroom Worktops Market Report 2018 to 2022 from AMA Research says “a key trend is the blurring of distinction between the kitchen and dining room, with less formality in the home and a move towards open plan living.”


Consequently, the markets desire for free-form design has welcomed a need for kitchen furniture solutions which are non-specific to a certain room, giving you the ability to seamlessly blend cooking, dining and social areas without conflict: who wants a high gloss kitchen unit next to a solid oak dresser?  


Rotpunkt’s new Furniture Collections for 2018 will overcome any design hurdles you might encounter when working with an open-plan kitchen living scheme.


Rotpunkt Titanium Kitchen in New Metal Grey & Metal Black [left] and Zerox C-shelf in New Terragrey finish [right]

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Giving you the power to synchronise any Rotpunkt kitchen doors with the rest of your open-plan home, you could opt for a same-finish TV Entertainment Unit in the living area, tailor-made Display Cabinet for convenient dining or perhaps a banquet window seat to create an extra place to sit.


Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations, Rotpunkt UK saysWhen furnishing an open plan home, try to select nonconflicting materials, colours and finishes, as this will provide a cohesive look that is able to transcend from room to room. A carefully considered mix of open and closed storage will also prove useful, allowing display shelving to remain independent, or as part of an overall kitchen scheme defining zones for cooking, cleaning, dining and socialising. This level of interconnection is an inherent feature of open plan living and I believe this is why the kitchen remains the cornerstone of any modern home.


Whatever the room or solution, you can be confident that a Rotpunkt kitchen will create balance and unity, and choosing the right finish is one of the best ways to ensure a consistent look. Delivering both style and substance, laminate furniture solutions make it possible for you to design furniture in different open-plan spaces without clear identification.


Distinct faux effects like metal, wood and glass can be used to create impact and Rotpunkt’s new Metal Line in Black and Grey, or new Class furniture will let you blur the boundaries between function, leisure and aesthetic without needing to define the room itself. Rotpunkt’s new City laminate furniture in Grey Oak and Nature Oak will also serve you well as the new laser-edged doors have been designed to accommodate a run of drawers. So, if you need to conceal a standard height built-in appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine, then now you can, as well as minimise noise pollution when operational and trying to watch TV!

New 2018 ‘all-inclusive’ Furniture Solutions by Rotpunkt include:

ü          City wood-effect finishes: Nature Oak & Grey Oak – look and feel of natural oak

ü          Class glass-effect finishes: Snow Gloss and Black Gloss available

ü          Marble stone-effect finish: 10mm door, drawer and worktop options

ü          Leather effect finish: Brown doors

ü          Metal Line: Black & Grey – a realistic metallic effect furniture that imitates real metal

ü          Black Line: Black finish – a fine black line edging to define fair colour doors / drawers

ü          Fixed shelf lighting for display cabinets: LED

ü          Interior fixtures and fittings in Carbon [medium grey] as standard

ü          Drawer box in Carbon & Smoked Black Glass, as standard

ü          Matt Black fixtures and fittings, as standards

ü          Sink & Appliance internal drawer box solutions, e.g. shallow height, 1 or 2 bowl, etc.

ü          Room Divider: independent easy-access storage unit that is raised for extra utility, e.g. herb box, flower box, open ice bucket and more!


Delivering on design, lifestyle and green credentials, all of Rotpunkt kitchens are:

ü          High quality furniture

ü          Cabinets made of environmentally friendly BioBoard

ü          Up to 30% weight reduction

ü          Easy to fit

ü          Workable and easier to handle as traditional chip board

ü          Manufactured by using natural, fast growing raw material

ü          Clean and sustainable production

ü          Environmentally friendly transport

ü          100% recyclable

ü          Design features are not compromised


Prices start from £15,000+vat. For further information on Rotpunkt UK, call 07415 113946, email matt.phillips@rotpunktuk.com or visit www.rotpunktuk.com

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