Mitre Bonding is changing

Everbuild Building Products has a brand new Mitre Fast Pen.

Mitre Bonding is changing

The benefits of using a Pen applied Activator when compared to an aerosol are no secret – no waste, compact, non-aerosol, more accurate, no overspray etc. – but the new Mitre Fast Pen from Everbuild goes even further to provide a revolutionary way of applying superglue activator.

Traditionally, this type of product has been sold as a pack featuring a 30ml pen and three 50grm bottles of superglue – although this is the right amount of superglue for a 30ml size pento activate, it forces a high price point and can be discouraging to trade users who initially wish to sample the product to see if it works for them.

Everbuild’s new Mitre Fast Pen has been calibrated to hold 10ml, the perfect amount of activator for one 50grm bottle of Mitre Fast superglue which sells at a much more attractive price for trade users and is a more compact, user friendly pack size.

Due to the high activator content, the Mitre Fast Pen will halve the setting time of conventional superglue to enable the perfect fit when bringing two items where the match has to be exact together and the nib of the pen has been made from a special fibre material that enables the activator to flow on incredibly easily.

Mitre Fast Pen can be used on most common joinery and building substrates and is the perfect product for the pouch of any tradesmen in the fastener and fixing industry. Mitre Bonding is changing – make sure you join the revolution.

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