Lenox launch their longest lasting blades

Tool manufacturer Lenox have launched a range of linear edge tools and blades, including reciprocating blades, jigsaw blades and holesaws.

Lenox launch their longest lasting blades

They’ll also be giving a sneak preview of the new Lenox Gold at tool fairs this autumn, the company’s “longest lasting blade ever”. Demonstrations will involve using the Lenox Gold to slice through cars.

The reciprocating blade range features a tool for every type of material, and user. The flexible Bi-metal blades resist breaking, and the patented Tuff Tooth design increases durability and cutting speed.

The range includes: the Lazer, designed for heavy-duty metal cutting, the Demolition reciprocating blades, which are shatter resistant and ideal for nail-embedded wood or other mixed materials, Master Grit blades for iron, glass fibre, ceramic tile, clay, pipe, brick or marble, and finally, the Diamond blades, specifically designed for cutting through cast iron, and featuring industrial diamonds embedded in high strength nickel alloy.

The bi-metal technologies have been applied to the Lenox Holesaws range creating a hardened edge to minimise tooth slippage. The range includes the Standard and Arbored Lenox holesaws, the Grit Edge holesaws, for cutting abrasive materials, such as glass fibre, laminates and ceramic tiles, and for a heat resistant holesaw that will have a long life when drilling through titanium or stainless steel, there’s the Lenox Carbide Tipped holesaw.

Bi-metal jigsaw blades, available in either T-shank or U-shank complete the range and are ground to precision sharpness, for straighter cuts and a smoother finish.

For more information on the Lenox range, log onto www.lenox.eu

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