Knauf Insulation achieves zero waste target

Insulation manufacturer Knauf Insulation will send zero waste to landfill from August 2013.

Knauf Insulation achieves zero waste  target

All four manufacturing sites will achieve the target. At its glass mineral wool sites in St Helens (where the company’s headquarters are also based) and Cwmbran, the company is sending baled glass wool waste to a ceiling tile manufacturer for re-use, while mixed glass wool and incidental packaging waste is collected by a recycling partner and re-processed for use as underground bedding.

Other waste is segregated at source to enable efficient recycling. A ‘Bin the Bin’ campaign was introduced as part of EcoWorks, an employee initiative designed to encourage best practice techniques and education around sustainable behaviour. Clearly marked recycling bins, desktop recycling folders and skips for cardboard and polythene have been distributed throughout the facilities, so that the waste can then be collected and recycled.

At its rock mineral wool plant in Queensferry, Knauf Insulation has worked with industrial partners over the past few years to take its waste as a raw material. Here too, baled rock mineral wool is sent for use in ceiling tile manufacture. The company also has its own recycling facility, which enables any excess material to be fed back into the manufacturing process.

In addition to this, agreements have been reached with key customers to return their waste so it can be re-used, therefore improving the life-cycle performance of Knauf Insulation’s products.

At the extruded polystyrene (XPS) facility in Hartlepool, all manufacturing waste is recycled back into the production process, while general and kitchen waste is collected by a recycling and waste management partner company. In addition, Knauf Insulation has an agreement in place with a local community interest company, which collects waste materials such as cardboard and reuses them as low cost arts and craft resources for community centres, colleges and schools.

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