IKO launches ‘Making Today Better’ campaign

Leading UK waterproofing and insulation manufacturer, IKO has launched a ‘Making Today Better’ campaign as part of its long-term commitment to reducing its carbon impact and contributing to the creation of a better environment for future generations.

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Anthony Carlyle, managing director of IKO Group, said: “We are on a journey to reduce our impact on the environment by positively impacting people’s lives and making today better. For IKO, sustainability is not a tick-box exercise. We are committed to being a greener business and will continue to strive to innovate products and practices to help us achieve our sustainable goals.”

Green benefits of localised production

The locality of IKO’s production sites significantly reduces carbon emissions caused by fuel used to deliver materials to site and distribution depots. It is also confirmed that over 80% of all IKO’s raw materials are sourced in the UK. To highlight how this CO2 saving compared to importing products from abroad. Independently an IKO traceability exercise was carried out by CO2 Balance. Revealing that the average mileage incurred in converting raw materials into a finished waterproofing product via the company’s manufacturing facilities was 263 miles – a fraction of the mileage involved when purchasing similar products from overseas.

The domestic aspect of IKO’s manufacturing capability is further enhanced by its purchase of renewable energy in order to fuel the production process. The result of this is its carbon-neutral product range that includes mastic asphalt waterproofing products for highways and roofing projects (IKO Permatec, IKO Permaphalt, IKO Permascreed, IKO Permatrack) and its single-ply and bituminous roofing membranes (IKO Armourplan; IKO Ultra range). Furthermore, IKO operates a zero-waste-to-landfill policy.

In terms of internal eco-friendly measures, IKO’s employees’ car fleet comprises hybrid-only vehicles. The company has also committed to an education initiative in order to increase employees’ awareness of its sustainable journey. It led to the creation of the IKO Green Team, which comprises staff recruited from all areas of the business to provide unique perspectives on which low-carbon sustainability initiatives can be implemented, recorded and monitored in the short, medium and long-term.

Offsetting to remain on track for carbon neutrality

For the past 13 years, IKO has employed internationally approved carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint of all its mastic asphalt projects. It’s achieved this in conjunction with CO2 Balance, a carbon management company which runs carbon-saving projects, primarily in Africa. IKO’s investment has included its support of an energy-efficient stove project in Kenya and a borehole rehabilitation project in Uganda, activities that reduce CO2 emissions from burning firewood. As a measure of the CO2 Balance programme’s success, IKO offset 8,892 tonnes of CO2 between January and December 2021.

In terms of its long-term sustainability, IKO has outlined how this will be enhanced by creating a ‘Suitability Road Map’. It includes a pledge for 5% year-on-year energy reduction, compliance with the government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) across all business operations, as well as achieving ISO 50001 certification, which signifies that a company meets industry standards in relation to energy management and environmental impact.

Carlyle added: “The low-carbon initiatives that are in development will secure the company’s long-term sustainability – particularly through our UK production sites – but we are focused on making today better and improving people’s lives now. Hence the work we are doing with CO2 Balance, along with our UK manufacturing facility, will greatly contribute to our carbon neutral status and a healthier, safer environment for all.”

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