HighDrive by Height for Hire survey reveals perceptions of tradespeople

HighDrive by Height for Hire has revealed the consumer confidence in the building industry, in a survey of over 3,000 UK adults.

The findings reveal that almost half of respondents, 48%, said they viewed the typical tradesperson as hard-working, while 21% considered them to be professional and 20% said they viewed them as reliable.

Height for Hire by HighDrive

Mark Taylor, UK general manager of HighDrive by Height for Hire said: “Many tradespeople run small businesses and have to wear a number of different hats to do it. When you see the owner of a small roofing business, for example, it’s important to remember that this person may also be performing roles such as marketing, finance and business admin.

Fewer than one in five, 13%, said they perceived tradespeople as honest and fewer than one in ten said they believed tradespeople were punctual, admirable or widely respected.

Perceptions of tradespeople vary slightly between the sexes, with men more likely than women to view tradespeople as entrepreneurial, 23% vs 18%, and committed 21% vs 17%.

“Tradespeople do some of the longest hours of any sector in the UK. Being a tradesperson typically involves lots of travel to and from sites, as well as weekends and evenings, so time is money and saving both is essential,” added Taylor.

Perceptions also vary by age, with people aged 45 and over more likely to be more reserved about tradespeople in general, under-45s were more likely to perceive tradespeople as hard-working.

People in Northern Ireland have the most positive perceptions of tradespeople with 58% saying they saw tradespeople as hard-working, 17% higher than the national average.

A person’s own profession has the most significant influence on their perception of tradespeople, those employed in the media, 80%, and Internet sector view tradespeople as hardworking, as do 75% working in performing arts and 69% for property and construction.

Those working in recruitment are the most cautious about tradespeople, with 31% regarding tradespeople as hard-working, followed by those working in energy and utilities, 33%, and hospitality and events management, 39%.

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