Graham employees take a masterclass in customer service

Dedicated to continuous improvement, Graham Plumbers’ Merchant has implemented training from Chris Daffy and The Academy of Service Excellence in order to improve the customer experience in the branch. The merchant branches now benefit from improved sales, excellent customer feedback and an impressive Graham Customer Score.

Graham Plumbers’ Merchant believes the relationship it has with its customers is the most valuable part of the business, with staff encouraged to provide a more personal, responsible and tailored service to their individual local area. Graham is also constantly looking to improve this service, such as the recent launch of its Tell Graham initiative, where customers are invited to provide feedback through a simple online survey.

With continuous improvement in mind, Graham Plumbers’ Merchant’s marketing director, Ian Kenny and customer experience manager, Dave Pollard attended Chris Daffy’s 12-day Customer Loyalty Master Practitioner Programme while Graham’s showroom consultants took the Customer Loyalty Programme online.Graham Chris Daffy Training Case Study RESIZED

Staff from Graham took the 12-day course, which consisted of Experience Clue Analysis, an Experience Clue Spotting Safari where attendees visit a major retail centre to spend a day spotting clues which traders consciously and unconsciously filter into both rational and emotional categories in their head.

As such, Graham Plumbers’ Merchant implemented the new Online Customer Loyalty Masterclass Programme, a programme which has been in development for 18 months. Aiming to transfer the knowledge from the 12-day programme, Chris Daffy uses the online programme to deliver nine video-based modules on various topics. These topics include Building Loyalty, Clue Spotting and Generating Ideas – all items covered in the face-to-face programme.

Since implementing the Online Customer Loyalty Masterclass Programme, Graham has seen an increase in positive customer engagement. For example, 65 branches have seen local sales grow by over five-per-cent, and 36 branches have scored a Graham Customer Score of over 75. Even more impressive, 1,186 Graham employees have been individually recognised by customers during feedback surveys as providing exceptional service.


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