Geo-Fix® provides long-lasting results at London Art Gallery

In 2003, Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound was used to install paving at the iconic Jerwood Space Art Gallery in London. After a recent visit to the gallery, Geo-Fix® was delighted to see the paving still looked as great as the day it was installed – even over 18 years later.

The Jerwood Foundation, Jerwood Space, and Jerwood Arts is a family of organisations committed to supporting and nurturing excellence in the Arts. Jerwood Space

The Jerwood Space Art Gallery was first refurbished in 1998, with a further rejuvenation taking place in 2003.

Satellite Design, the architects working on the 2003 refurbishment, requested the use of blue square-edged pavers in the entrance and throughout the entire ground floor of the gallery.

In addition, Satellite Design required a jointing material that was durable, easy to use, suitable for joint widths of 5-7mm, and in a colour that complemented the blue paving.

Market-leading Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound was chosen to complete the installation as it is suitable for both internal and external use and is quick and easy to apply. It has been trusted by professionals for over 25 years, and after receiving a sample of the unique blue paving, they were able to colour match the paving perfectly.

Geo-Fix® Original is a ready-mixed jointing solution that can simply be brushed into joints with minimal effort. Joints are easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool, saving you valuable time when compared to traditional wet pointing methods.

Geo-Fix® Original offers huge time saving benefits and unlike mortar joints, it is totally resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and will not crack or pop out with frost. The jointing compounds are proven to offer a permanent, durable and weed-resistant solution that is suitable for all paving projects.

Satellite Design was delighted with the original results and the thousands of people who have visited the Jerwood Gallery over the last 18 years, have been able to enjoy the long-lasting results of Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound.

For more information on jointing solutions from Geo-Fix® or to receive a free colour swatch of each stunning colour, please email, call +44 (0) 1827 908510 or send a message on any of their social media channels.

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