Fluidmaster launches Airgap 6000 series

Fluidmaster’s next generation fill valve was recently launched in the UK. The Airgap 6000 Series is the only height adjustable, bottom-inlet toilet fill valve which is compliant with UK Water Fittings Regulations; representing a fast and simple ‘one-stop’ solution for blue-water issues across public and private sectors. fluid

Fluidmaster’s Airgap 6000 was introduced in the UK, to deal with the issue of ‘blue water’ prevention.

As the only available adjustable solution, the new cistern fill valve contains all the high-performance features for which Fluidmaster products are consistently requested for, whilst simultaneously complying with BS1212-4 and all required regulations.

The Airgap 6000 range has been fully designed and manufactured by Fluidmaster in the UK, working with water companies, test laboratories and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme). Specifically engineered to provide a complete and compliant backflow solution, the new generation AUK1 compatible Airgap range is the only height adjustable fill valve which completely eliminates backflow. Other installer-friendly features include: easy ‘no tool’ service; quiet refill with the spiral flow Vortex Generator; unhindered performance at low and high pressures; delayed / non-delayed side and bottom entry; plastic and brass fixings available.

The flexible Airgap 6000 solution has been carefully engineered to fit virtually all cisterns on the market, with quick and simple adjustment options making it an adaptable and valuable addition to every plumber’s kit.

As well as providing a much-needed solution to the challenging issue of ‘blue water’, the Fluidmaster team are eager to share knowledge with the industry about this problem, to ensure awareness of the compliance matter.

Fluidmaster has invested heavily in a series of marketing initiatives which will launch in early 2020. Full point of sale displays, and literature will also be available.

For more information about the Airgap 6000 and other Fluidmaster products visit:  www.fluidmaster-airgap.com/

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