FlueSnug wins Product of the Year Award

FlueSnug has won the Product of the Year Award 2022 for Safety, Energy Efficiency and Wellbeing at the ASCP Safety and Compliance Awards.

FlueSnug wins Product of the Year Award presented by sponsor Matt Isherwood of PH Jones 1 eidt

The product caught the eye of the judges for its simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient sealing around all 100mm boiler flues. Approved by major boiler manufacturers, FlueSnug is the quickest and most cost-effective way to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations, which now mandates the need for pipe collars or grommets onto a pipe where it enters or exits a home, helping to maintain the energy efficiency of the building.

Alex Lever, director of PipeSnug, said: “We are absolutely delighted to win this important award and our entry showed that FlueSnug can make a real difference to social housing building maintenance and compliance teams.”

“Using FlueSnug meets the Building Regulation requirements, saves heat escaping and cold air entering a property and saves money as it is far quicker than traditional pointing methods. We believe it is a transformative product in so many ways.”

Traditionally boiler flues require pointing with sand and cement, which can weather over time and become porous to the elements. As a result, Building Regulations came into force in June mandating the use of pipe seals where pipes enter and exit a building. Providing a solution for just this issue, FlueSnug fits the 152mm core-drilled hole in the wall through which the boiler pipe and flue exits.

FlueSnug can be used both inside and outside the property and acts as a barrier to drafts, damp, insects and pests. The product also allows installers to quickly access the flue for any service or maintenance requirements, without the need to remove existing brickwork, mortar or sealant.

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